Official World War One BRITISH WAR Full Size Medal 1914 - 1920


Official BRITISH WAR MEDAL Full Size Replica Medal and Ribbon
This Medal is an Official product that is 100% made in the UK and Manufactured in Birmingham
Ministry of Defence Medal Office approved
This medal was instituted to record the successful conclusion of the first world war, but it was later extended to cover the period 1919-1920 and service in mine-clearing at sea as well as participation in operations in North and South Russia, the eastern Baltic, Siberia, the Black sea and Caspian.
Over 6 and a half million were awarded
Campaign: First World War
Branch of Service: British and Imperial forces
Ribbon: Orange watered center with stripes of white and black at each side and borders of royal blue
Size: 36mm
Description: (Obverse) the uncrowned left-facing profile of King George V by Sir Bertram Mackennal. (Reverse) St George on horseback trampling underfoot the eagle shield of the Central Powers and a skull and Cross-Bones, the emblems of death. Above the sun has risen in victory. The figure is mounted on horseback to symbolise man’s mind controlling a force of greater strength than his own, and thus alludes to the scientific and mechanical appliances which helped win the war.